A partial listing of my books:


The Image Processing Handbook is a widely used text and reference for people doing computer-assisted image analysis, comparing a wide variety of procedures and illustrated with images ranging from astronomy, microscopy, and macroscopic subjects. The ISBN number for the seventh edition (2015, CRC Press) is 978-1-4987-4026-5, and you can order it at Amazon.com. This book also provides the outline of topics covered in many of the workshops I teach.


Measuring Shape provides a comprehensive description and examples of the wide variety of approaches that can be used to obtain a mathematical description of the shapes of 2- and 3-D natural objects. Shape is an elusive concept poorly described by language but, very important for object classification and recognition, and for correlation with properties. Methods of data analysis are also illustrated. The isbn number is 978-1439855980, and you can get it at Amazon.com.


Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging is a book written both for people engaged in forensic imaging as well as for legal counsel who may need to know about the advantages and limitations of digital techniques. In addition to comparisons of the various processing steps, information about the presentation of results is covered. The second edition (2016, CRC Press, ISBN 978-1-4987-3307-6) is available from Amazon


The Image Processing Cookbook, 4th Edition presents a richly illustrated step-by-step workflow for processing images to correct defects, enhance details for visibility and presentation, and isolate features for measurement of structural, object or geometric data. Intended for college students, forensic technicians, research scientists, and others who rely upon images for information, the text is appropriate for microscopy, crime scene photographs, surveillance video, etc. Appendices detail the specific use of several different software programs (Photoshop, Matlab Image Processing Toolbox, ImageJ, ImagePro Plus) to perform the various functions illustrated. The book (isbn 978-1533427625) is available at Amazon.


Image Analysis of Food Microstructure discusses in depth the application of image processing and measurement to natural and processed foods, with many examples of meat, fruit, bread, candy, cheese, and other food products. The measurements illustrate the various types of information that can be obtained on structural properties that are related to processing variables and to perceived texture and quality. The book (isbn 0-8493-2241-3) is published by CRC Press, and can be ordered on-line at Amazon.


Introduction to Image Processing and Analysis is a textbook for students interested in learning to program the algorithms used for the processing and measurement of images. It includes source code (in C), detailed examples and worked problems. The book (isbn 0-8493-7073-6) is published by CRC Press, and can be ordered on-line at Amazon. A support website includes downloads that supplement the book's companion CD--ROM.


Fractal Surfaces (1994, ISBN number 0-306-44702-9), is a comprehensive survey of the methods available to characterize rough (fractal) surfaces, and the relationships of the values to various performance variables. The book, published by Plenum, includes Mac and Windows disks with programs to measure and simulate surface images. You can get it through Amazon.


The book Practical Stereology, 2nd edition, by John C. Russ and Robert T. Dehoff is published by Plenum Press (isbn 0-306-46476-4) and can be ordered through Amazon. This text covers both classical stereological techniques and the newer "unbiased" or design-based methods. Both the theoretical underpinnings of the methods and examples of their routine applications are shown.


Plenum also published the textbook Computer Assisted Microscopy (1990, ISBN number 0-306-43410-5). This older text emphasizes the techniques for image processing and measurement of images from various types of microscopes using small dedicated computers. Copies can be ordered through Amazon.


Photoshop for Digital Photographers is a book on image processing written for the serious amateur photographer who wishes to learn techniques for processing digital images in Photoshop. It includes both basic and advanced techniques. The book is included as a pdf file (readable with Adobe Acrobat) on the Reindeer Graphics "Optipix" CD, which provided the software plug-ins for Photoshop that implement the various methods.


The Business of Effective Research is a text that discusses in detail the unique problems facing the manager of a research enterprise, whether it is a large corporation, a small one, or an institution. Unlike the manager of other activities, the research manager cannot simply assign tasks and track progress and expenses. Instead, the position is more like a coach who must understand the individuals and communicate effectively with them. Copies of this set of course notes can be requested directly from me (see the Contacts page).

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